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Shiawasemeguri Shodoshima -Touring Shocoshima Island Sanzan, and Shodoshima Daikannnon -
Information Information about facility Goraigo no Taki Falls

The name of Yama no Kannon which is located at the north foot of Kankakei is associated with disease because it closes disease in as a special ashram.

The precincts are filled with the appearance of deep mountains and of a quiet and deep valley, and its Sanmon
(gate of the temple) painted in red. This is a solemn, quiet and beautiful temple which turns its expression in each season.

The entrance is outside the temple, but the temple itself is in a cave so people need to go through a dark tunnel to enter in. The tunnel expresses mother's body, and it means our body and soul will be purged by going through the tunnel. It has such as mysterious atmosphere that visitors who come here for the first time might be surprised at it.

Going through the tunnel without any light, you will get main temple.

Kyuri Kaji is said during the dog days in summer (Prayer by using cucumber) and is so famous that many believers visit here to worship from inside of the Island and from Sanin, Sanyo and Kinai.

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Information about facility
Sanmon(gate of the temple) looks more beautiful with cherry tree in spring.
* In the main temple, Ameyu( a special hot drink with candy and ginger) is provided to worshipers.
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New Topics
It has been conveyed for a long time that Monk Kobo-daishi had begun the Yama noKannon hallowed compounds of Koyasu Kannnonji Temple.

According to the Yuraiki journal, Monk Kobo-daishi climbed a mountain deeply in autumn 807, and discovered a fall near the top of mountain, and then he started Takigyo(training at the fall) there in the way of esoteric Buddhism.

Having continued it with 7 sleepless days, at night before dawn on the day of Joman( the last day of the training), he was hit by strange inspiration. In the fantasy where he could not even know whether he was in dream or in a reality, he saw a shape of Juichimen Kanzeon bosatsu Bodhisattva with a chink of light and listened to the message with a voice of Bodhisattva," Public is filled with peoplesuffering from disease. Save them with this method of mystery."

Monk Kobo-daishi has sculptured an image of Juichimen Kanzeon Bosatsu Bodhisattva, and left here with the image after having given the method of mystery for rout of disease. After that, he built a temple as a special ashram against disease tied down, and enshrined Juichimen Kanzeon Bosatsu Bodhisattva as a honzon of the Hibutsu Buddha image, since then the falls were named "Goraigo no Taki Falls".

From then on, many people have visited this fall to train and now it is one of the famous places for training.
Owner of the mountain: Keikoh
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